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Version: 1.x

Bit Form - Custom Post Type (CPT)

Sometimes, it is difficult for WordPress default post types to satisfy all the website owner’s requirements regarding the content management system. Here comes Custom post type(CPT)* handy. CPT allows you to create ‘post_types’ beyond traditional WordPress ‘post_types'(Post, Page, Attachment, Revision, Navigation Menu, Custom, ChangeSets). CPT makes your website truly a Content Management System.

Custom Field type is simply types of content that you can customize according to your website’s requirements. CPT is a new edition of our Bit Form integration section. Also, Bit Form users don’t have to install other CPT plugins as we are providing a built-in Custom Post Type option. You just have to create a custom post type & Bit Form will automatically create a post regarding that particular post type after successful form submission. It is one step easier for our users to manage their website content in a specific way they want.

Bit Form Integration with CPT

Process of creating new Custom Post Type:

To integrate Bit Form with CPT, you have to create a new custom post type according to your requirement.

Follow the path: Choose Bit Form from dashboard => Settings => CPT => Add New Post Type

  1. Enter the customize slug of your post.

  2. Give a singular label of your post.

  3. Then give a menu name displayed on the left side of your WordPress dashboard when you will create CPT.

  4. Select the icon of the menu from Dashicon class name.

5.Select some actions as your preference. By default, all will be selected.

  1. Click on Add Post Type. After refreshing the page, you can view the newly created CPT.

Integration Settings

  1. Select the form on which you want to apply integration.

  2. Go to Settings => Integration => Click on ‘+’. Then select ‘CPT‘ as integration.

  1. Now give the data of ‘ Post type‘, ‘Post status‘, ‘Comment status‘. And later map all the required form fields with necessary post fields. WordPress default post fields are – ‘Post Title‘, ‘Post Name‘, ‘Post Excert‘, ‘Post Content‘. You can only map these fields with form fields. Then click on save.
  1. Go to conditional logic and set the logic that when the actions will be triggered. Don’t forget to click on the action ‘Integration‘. Otherwise conditional logic will not work properly.
  1. Now, when you will submit job-related data through the form, you can view them from the created CPT.
  1. If you select a draft from post status, your post will be drafted. After selecting ‘Public‘, the post will be viewed by all your user.
  1. You can also edit data from the responses page. If you edit any data from the responses page, the value will be automatically updated on the post.