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Version: 1.x

Bit Form - Decision Box field

From the Decision Box field user can agree to any decision required by the admin panel. As example, admin can use the decision box as Terms & Condition field.

⚙ General Settings

1.Field Key

The Field Key is unique for all fields. bf4-1 an example of field key. bf means bit form , 4 represent form id , 1 represent 1st field of the form . These keys are used in Success/Error Messages, Web Hooks, Redirect Page, Email Templates, Workflow & Integrations.


The content of this block will be shown on the front end of the form . Admins can change the content of the decision field as per their choice. Also can link up to any site on the description.

3.Admin Label

This field is used for Administration purposes. Admin can set a label to specify the label name on the responses page.


By enabling this option, you can make the field required for the user if you need it. Also you can set an Error message if you want the field required. Also you can set message as your requirements.

5.Checked & Unchecked value:

The Checked Value & Unchecked Value field is by default Accepted & Not Accepted. Admin can change the text of the field as per requirements.

6.Check by default:

When Checked By Default is turned on, the decision box field will be checked by default