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Version: 1.x

Bit Form - Drop-Down field

Drop-Down field in form builder is a data entry screen where the user only has a set number of choices to select from. This is helpful when you want your users to select from a predefined list of values, but you may not want to enter each one manually. Users can enter his custom values or select a value from the drop-down list.

⚙ General Settings

1.Field Key

The Field Key is unique for all fields. bf4-1 an example of field key. bf means bit form , 4 represent form id , 1 represent 1st field of the form . These keys are used in Success/Error Messages, Web Hooks, Redirect Page, Email Templates, Workflow & Integrations.

2.Field Label

You can set a proper name of the field that is considered as a field label. This label name will appear on the front end of the form you will display. If you want you can hide the field label from the form .

3.Admin Label

This field is used for Administration purposes. Admin can set a label to specify the label name on the responses page.


A Placeholder is a property by which user can understand the usage of the field. Any text entered on the placeholder will be displayed on the fields. When the user starts writing on the field, the placeholder text will disappear.


By enabling this option, you can make the field required for the user if you need it. Also you can set an `Error message`` if you want the field required. Also you can set message as your requirements.

6.Multiple Select

If this feature is toggled on then users can select multiple options from the drop down list if they want.

7.Allow other option

This option allows the user to input custom options on the drop-down field which is not listed.

8. Import Options:

Now you can import options for dropdown field. This feature allows you to import files from :

File Upload:

  1. For file upload option you have to choose out of 6 file types- txt, json, xls, xlsx, csv, tsv

  2. File types with separator -

    🔰 txt file (comma, space, new line & colon separated)

    🔰 json (array, object, array of object & array of objects)

    🔰 xls & xlsx (single & multi sheet)

    🔰 csv & tsv

  3. Import types are:

    ✔ Replace Previous Options

    ✔ Merge with Previous Options


  1. 32 types of presets are available on import option Some categories are-

    i. Business

    • Industry Names
    • Industries SIC

    ii. DateTime

    • Days
    • Months
    • Times
    • Time zones
    • Weekdays
    • Years [2021 - 1921]

    iii. E-Commerce

    • 163 Currencies
    • Sizes

    iv. Geographic

    • Continents
    • 249 Countries
    • Counties [UK]
    • Provinces [CA]
    • States [AU, CA, IN]
    • Divisions [BD]
    • Union Territories [IN]

    v. Personal Status

    vi. Survey

  2. Import types are:

    ✔ Replace Previous Options

    ✔ Merge with Previous Options

Post: You can show Wordpress posts as a Drop-Down options.

  1. You can select option by Filter by post type, Filter by post status.

  2. Order the dropdown field option by the Post column name.

  3. All the data will be shown like - Key & Value. The value option can be stored on the responses management

Terms: You can set tag / Categories as a Radiobutton option.

  1. Filter the option by taxonomy. If the Use Post Taxonomy field is turned on then when the post is created it will add taxonomy automatically.

  2. You can order the dropdown field option by Order by & Order.

  3. Set the label from the drop-down option.

User: You can set options of Drop-Down by the users information

  1. Filter the role of the user while choosing the options.

  2. You can order the dropdown field option following the users information column by Order by & Order.

  3. Set the label from the drop-down option.

7. Options

From this section you have to add the options for the dropdown field. For each option there are two features -Required & Check by default .