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Bit Form Integration With Google Ads

Google Ads, also known as AdWords, is a pay-per-click online advertising service created by Google. It is a platform that allows advertisers to show targeted advertisements to visitors of websites. Google uses contextual targeting, which is based on keywords and searches terms. The advertisements are text-based and can either be text ads or display ads.

Google Click Identifier, which refers to GCLID, is a tracking number/ Parameter created by Google Ads when any visitor clicks on any ads. Every time Google Ads provides a unique tracking ID that comes to the website through Google Ads. Using GCLID, you can gather information like- ‘Keyword‘, ‘AdGroup ID‘, ‘Campaign Id‘, ‘Search Partner‘ & many more details regarding the customer.

Why Google Ads integration with Bit Form?
Google Ads integration with Bit Form gather potential leads that can be a successful marketing investment for your company. Using this integration, Bit Form users can import all the necessary information that drives your online sales. Also, you can track the leads to optimize your keywords, campaign & ad group. In short, Bit Form can be your potential lead gathering platform that helps you to increase your sales in the long run.

To run this integration on your website, please make sure Bit Form is installed & activated successfully on your website for which you want to advertise.

⭐ How to enable WordPress cron schedule:

At first, from the plugin list, deactivate the Bit Form Pro plugin & again activate it, then enable WordPress Cron Schedule. The corn job’s purpose is to fetch data every 24 hours with Google Ads API.

⭐ How Cron schedule works:

WordPress Schedules a hook that WordPress will trigger at the specified interval. The action will be triggered when someone visits your WordPress site if the scheduled time has passed.

Note: This cron job will be executed once in 24 hours if there are no visitors to the site, then cron job will not work

⭐ Authorize your website:

  1. Now, follow the path: Bit Form dashboard => App settings => Google Ads
  1. For client ID & secret, you have to visit the Google API console. If you already have any Client ID & secret before then copy this to the field. If you don’t have any, then you have to create a new client ID & secret.

If you don’t have any then you have to create a new client ID & secret. To get new Client Id & Client secret information go to – Google API CONSOL=> Credentials=>Create Credentials=> OAuth Client ID => Select Application Type=> Give a Client Name => Add home page URL => Add authorized URL.

  1. Enter the URL to which the authentication code will be sent. A redirect URI, or reply URL, is the location where the authorization server sends the user once the app has been successfully authorized and granted an authorization code or access token.

  2. Now, to get the Customer Id, visit the Google Ads Manager Account. From the account section, create an account from where you will get an ID & put this ID on the “Customer Id” field of Bit Form settings.

  1. Click on the Authorize. Then you have to save the entire authorization process & you are ready to import all your data from your Google Ads account to your website.

Note: Enable the auto-tagging option from the “Account Settings” option of the Google Ads account. To do this follow the path: Click on your sub-account => Settings => Account Settings => Enable Auto-tagging => Click on “Save”. It creates the GCLID token on the landing page URL. Check out the attached picture

⭐ Bit Form Configuration:

  1. Create a new form or select an existing form where visitors will submit their information after clicking the advertisement.

  2. Navigate to the Settings option. Then click on Form Settings. Now enable the Capture Google Ads(Click ID) .

How will this integration work?

Here we will demonstrate a simple example of how this integration will help Bit Form users to gather information regarding advertisements.

⇛ If a visitor search for a keyword that is relatable to the keywords you have set for your ads, then Google Ads will display the ad.

⇛ When visitors click on the ads, the ads will drive the visitor to the landing page of your website. In this process, GCLID will be created regarding that visitor. If the visitor fills up the form attached with that page, then all the information of lead and that GCLID will be stored on the Bit Form responses. This GCLID is a link between Google AD & Bit Form.

⇛ Now, if you navigate to the response page of that form you can view all the details.

⇛ Go to Related Info from responses details & you will find all the information regarding that advertisement by clicking the option Google Ad information.

All these informations will be displayed almost 24 hours after the creation time