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Version: 1.x

Bit Form Integration With MailerLite

Another integration that eases your email marketing is MailerLite integration via Bit form. When users submit any form, the email of that corresponding user will store MailerLite. For more details, go through this documentation carefully.

Authorization Process

  1. At first, select the form you want to apply the MailerLite integration. If you don’t have any then create a new one from Create Form. After that, follow the below instructions. Follow the path:

    Settings => Integrations => Click on (+) => Click on ‘MailerLite’.

  2. Integration Name: Set the proper integration name. Default it's taken MailerLite.

Integration Settings

  1. After that, you have to copy the API key from your MailerLite account & paste the key on the field.
    To get the API key,
  • click on MailerLite API Token or go to your MailerLite dashboard

  • click on Integrations => MailerLite API (API) => Generate New Token

  • Put your Token Name and Create Token

  • Now copy the API Token and paste it into the integration’s dashboard. And Click on Authorize button.

  1. Click on Next to set up the other integration settings ahead.

  2. After completing the authorization process, You will find the Map Field option. You have to map all the necessary fields with the related MilerLite field. By default, “Email” field of MailerLite will be available. You can also send custom values by mapping your required field.

  3. Save the integration by clicking the Finish & Save Button. The MailerLite integration is ready.

  4. Now, you have to set conditional logic to trigger the integration for the submitted data. When you set conditional logic, remember some points – set Action behavior = Always & specify the integration name you have created for MailerLite. If you don’t select the integration name properly, then the integration will not work.

  5. Now, whenever a user will submit the form it will be added to the corresponding Contact list of MailerLite. Also can view from form responses of Bit Form.

  6. You can view every success API of the submitted data from the timeline of related info.


Group: By enabling Group Action, you can organize your contacts on the MailerLite account. Now select the group from the dropdown option, which you have already created on your MailerLite account.

Type: By enabling Type action, you can specify the contacts type on your MailerLite account.

Double Opt-in: By enabling the Double-Opt-in action admin can ask permission from users if they want to subscribe to MailerLite or not.

Update: If the user already exists on your MailerLite account, It will update the contacts with other field information based on the email address.