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Version: 1.x

Bit Form - Razorpay field

Another payment gateway plugin Razorpay has been added to Bit Form. It allows credit cards, debit cards, net banking, wallet & UPI payments.

The below instructions admins have to follow to set up their Razorpay account with Bit Form.

API Key & API Secret : To integret admin Razorpay account with Bit Form, admin have to go to the dashboard of their account. Then admin has to set their specified key & secret respectively to the fields ' API Key' and 'API Secret'. Now, you are ready to take payment from use via Razorpay. Dashboard=> Settings=> API keys tab=> Key ID & Secret

Field Customization

1.Amount Type :

Admin can fix that in which way they want to take payments from users.

✔Fixed: If admin want to set a limit of payment, they have to choose this option. As example, you have created a form for a particular sale. Then you have to set the payment digit on the field.

✔Dynamic: For dynamic payment admins have to add a 'number / radio field' where users can add their amount according to their willing.


You can set 26+ currency types. The currency is set to INR by default. you can change by your own preference.

### 3.Account Name Admin have to set the account name through which all payments should be received. That specific account name will be shown on the top of the payment checkout bar.


Admin can set additional payment description. Users can see this description while giving their payments on the Razorpay window.

Additional Settings

1.Button Customization

On button settings option there are four fields :

Button Text: Admins can change the Razorpay button text according to their choice. Button Allignment: Left, Right & center alignments are available. Full width button & Small button: Users have to toggle these buttons to use the features.

2. Theme Customization

When user processes the payment method there will show a Razorpay checkout window. This window's color & theme can be customizable by admin.

3. Modal

When the modal option 'confirmed on close' is enabled then user will get an option if they want to close the Razorpay window.


By default, the users has to fill the Razorpay checkout information like name, email & contact again. If admins want they can map the field names of form on the customization prefill fields - 'Name', 'Email', 'Contact'. By this user don't have to put mapped fields information double time on Razorpay checkout window.

5. Notes

Admin can send additional information by setting values with their corresponding key. This notes will be shown on their Razorpay account. They can view these notes from their Razorpay account. Admin can send maximum of 15 key-value paired values.