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Version: 1.x

Bit Form - reCAPTCHA v2 field

Google reCAPTCHA is a free service to prevent spam and malware from entering your website/web application. It works like this: When a user submits a form/web form. This reCAPTCHA field helps prevent spam and abuse on websites.

To use Bit Form reCAPTCHA V2 user have to setup Google reCAPTCHA account first & authorize your website where you have installed Bit Form.

⚙ App Settings

Authorize your site

1. Follow the path: App Settings => reCAPTCHA => reCaptchav2 => Google reCAPTCHA Admin.

2. After navigating to the Admin dashboard, select the (+) icon to configure your WordPress site.

3. Now set a Label to identify it later. Example: Bit form reCAPTCHA V2. Select the reCaptchav2 V2 as reCAPTCHA type.

4. Then copy the domain name from Bit Form & paste it on the Domains field of the admin dashboard of Google reCAPTCHA. Select the terms of service & press the Submit button to continue.

5. Now, copy the Site key & Secret key, then paste these on the related fields of Bit Form. Save the whole configuration & you are done with registering your website!

⚙ General Settings

You can change the theme of the reCAPTCHA badge from light to dark.