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Releasing Version 2.0

· 3 min read

We are pleased to announced that, Bit Form version 2.0 is live now, which is the most optimized & polished version yet. We have completed the most challenging part of restructuring the complete version 1 base from the ground up, which has successfully reduced the frontend load size of JS (96%) and CSS (58%). We have replaced all the React.js code from the frontend in Bit Form with vanilla JavaScript and implemented a tremendous amount of optimization techniques to lower the sizes as much as possible.

Version 2.0 Announcement Blog Post: Visit Here

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As this process has changed the way the form works in the frontend, the forms of version 1.x was not emerging with version 2.0. To fix this issue, we have implemented a full-fledged migration workflow in Bit Form version 2.0.

Here's how the migration workflow works:

  1. Suppose you have updated Bit Form to version 2.0. By default, only the version number will be updated, but the forms and everything will remain the same as v1.x.

  2. In the Bit Form dashboard, you will see a "Migrate Now" button, which on clicking will open a modal with an input to write "CONFIRM".

  3. Clicking the "Migrate Now" button will start the process, and everything from version 1.x will be migrated to version 2.0 except the form styles you made in the forms. The styles will be reset to the new Bit Form Default theme. Note that the custom CSS or JS you wrote earlier will also not work as the markups are changed.

  4. The migration process will reload the page multiple times, and after completing, you will see the version 2.0 dashboard with a "Rollback" button at the top.

Here's how the Rollback workflow works:

  1. During the migration to version 2.0, all of your version 1.x forms and everything will be copied into new database tables.

  2. So, when you confirm the "Rollback Now" button, it will replace everything you did in version 2.0 with the previously copied data from the database.

  3. After completion, the page will reload, and you will see the older dashboard with the previous contents of version 1.x.

With these tools, you have the power to migrate everything to version 2.0 under your command. And if anything goes wrong or for any emergency, you can restore everything with the Rollback tool.

But please note that these tools will be available for a limited time, so after the majority of users update to 2.0, we will remove these workflows and auto-migrate everything without any rollback option.


Note: If you are using Bit Form Pro version, you will need to update the Pro version to the latest version of 2.0 to use smoothly with the new version of Bit Form.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. We're always happy to assist you:

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