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Bit Form Changelogs Timeline

Version 2.0.10

  • Added new hooks to dequeue styles and scripts from the page:
    • bitform_dequeue_styles
    • bitform_dequeue_scripts
  • Field key was passed to integrations and email notifications instead of the field value if the field was empty or NULL.
  • Style not loading on the frontend if the form is embedded in the page template or header and footer.

Version 2.0.9

  • Phone number field validation has been fixed. It now shows an error message for invalid numbers if no number is entered.
  • The unexpected margin issue in the error message P tag has been resolved.
  • Select field placeholder option validation has been fixed.
  • The TinyMCE WordPress CDN plugin loading issue has been resolved.
  • Shortcode counter mismatch causing forms to not work in the frontend has been fixed.
  • Regex pattern validation in text fields has been solved.

Version 2.0.8

  • Issues with Pods, meta box, and ACF Ajax requests.
  • Hiding and disabling options not working in Country, Currency & Phone number field.
  • TinyMCE CDN failing to load for missing plugin name.
  • HTML Select field passes required validation with the placeholder option.
  • Unexpected <p> tag margin in some error messages.
  • Smart tag (post_information) passes empty value in the email template.
  • Enabling/disabling the Check/Radio field in conditional logic issue.

Version 2.0.7

  • Added the date format (d-M, Y) in Smart Tags. New
  • The email template now uses the date format based on the WordPress settings.
  • Fixed the loading of the bitform.js script in the frontend, even if a form is not embedded.

Version 2.0.6

  • Fixed Phone number field regex pattern backslash issue.
  • Fixed line break tag appearing in email contents issue.
  • Fixed decision box checkbox shrinks issue if label is to large.
  • Fixed form not saving issue if paypal field subscription enabled.

Version 2.0.5

  • Gutenberg block of Bit Form now includes Form Id in label for better identification. New Feature
  • The form submission restrictions are now triggered upon initial loading with an overlay message over the form instead of after submission. New Feature
  • Resolved Safari browser compatibility issue with regex pattern lookbehind operator.
  • Fixed Firefox browser compatibility issue where form builder caused layout to shift to the bottom of the form.
  • Fixed issue with phone number field formatting, validation, and masking.
  • Corrected duplicate icon names in the icon library.
  • Restored missing fields in workflow actions.
  • Added Limit Form Submission period settings to the form settings.
  • Fixed Style editor break issue caused by fela.js affecting some users.
  • Resolved issue with app settings for PayPal and Razorpay payment gateways not working.
  • Fixed issue with re-generating cache in general settings breaking the form.
  • Resolved CSS and JS enqueue cache issue.
  • Fixed theme gallery issue related to missing slug.

Version 2.0.4

  • Form wrapper style not working in the frontend
  • Button label missing in builder right Panel
  • Confirmation message error for default tick mark markup
  • Custom CSS & JS lost if not visited the builder
  • Fallback background color transparent issue
  • Plugin uninstall does not remove all the table data based on app config

Version 2.0.3

  • Shortcode support in confirmation message content New Feature
  • Fixed SMTP page blank issue when testing mail
  • Resolved SMTP attachment not sending issue
  • Fixed field required validation not working due to space in field name
  • Resolved JS module conflict with Elementor page builder
  • Form validation message color now indicates error or success
  • Fixed Textarea field height overlapping with other fields when shown/hidden based on conditions
  • Changed confirmation message class names for better readability
  • Resolved HTML Select field placeholder issue when no value is set
  • Fixed Country field not selecting options when Selected flag image settings is turned off

Version 2.0.2

  • Fix upgrade issue from beta version
  • Fix issue with ZOHO CRM integration conflicting with Pro version

Version 2.0.1

  • Update from beta version issue crashes the Bit Form
  • Custom fields render issue

Version 2.0.0

  • Version 2 Released

Version 1.x Changelog

  • Visit this link to see the previous changelogs of version 1.x