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Bit form - Button field

Button Field is a significant & integral part of any website especially when it comes to web forms and customizing them is quite a bit of work to make the button look good and stand out. In our Bit Form, users will get a default submit button.

⚙ General Settings#

1.Submit button text#

Text of the button that will be displayed on the form.

2.Button Allignment#

Alignments of button - Left, Center & Right

3.Button Type#

Types of button - Submit, Reset & button.

✔Submit button : It is a standered submit button that helps to submit information by user.

✔Reset button : It clears all the previous information & allows the user to start over again.

4.Full Width button#

Enabling this option you can make a full width button

5.Small Button#

You can make the button small size by enabling this option.