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Bit form - File Upload field

File upload field allows user to upload files like - image, audio, video, spreadsheet, doc & zip files. You can limit the size of the file from the settings option.

โš™ General Settings#

1.Field Key#

The Field Key is unique for all fields. bf4-1 an example of field key. bf means bit form , 4 represent form id , 1 represent 1st field of the form . These keys are used in Success/Error Messages, Web Hooks, Redirect Page, Email Templates, Workflow & Integrations.

2.Field Label#

You can set a proper name of the field that is considered as a field label. This label name will appear on the front end of the form you will display. If you want you can hide the field label from the form .

3.Admin Label#

This field is used for Administration purposes. Admin can set a label to specify the label name on the responses page.

4.Upload Button Text:#

You can change the text of the file upload button.


By enabling this option you can make the field required for the user if you need.

6.Allow Multiple:#

Enable this option if you let your user select multiple files.

7.Max upload size:#

Set the maximum file upload size of your required file you will allow from user.

8.Allowed file type:#

From this option admin have to select the file type for the form submission. Admin can select multiple file types from the drop-down list Types are :

๐Ÿ“ Image

๐Ÿ“ Video

๐Ÿ“ Audio

๐Ÿ“ Documents

๐Ÿ“ Zip

๐Ÿ“ Presentation

๐Ÿ“ Spreadsheet