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Bit Form - Image Field

The Image Field in Bit Form is a robust feature that empowers administrators to add images that can be displayed to visitors.

⚙ General Settings

1.Field Key

A Field Key is distinct for each field, with b1-5 serving as an illustration. b stands for Bit Form and 1 signifies the form ID , and 5 indicates the 5th field of the form. These keys are utilized in Success/Error Messages, WebHooks, Redirect Pages, Email Templates, Workflows, and Integrations.


The name of a field is a unique identifier used in form submissions. It typically consists of, text-1-2 is an example of the field name. the text means field-type, 1 represents form id , and 5 represents the 5th field of the form. This field name can be used for various purposes such as Fetch data from url parameter.

3. Admin Label

This field is designated for administrative use and allows an administrator to set a label name that will be displayed on the responses page.

4. Size & Position

It typically refers to the dimensions and placement of an input or output field within a user interface. It specifies the width and position, x-position, and w-width of the field on the screen or page.

5. Background Image

This option in Bit Form allows the admin to upload an image file from WordPress or input an image URL to display the image for the form, providing a visually appealing backdrop for form respondents.

Height and Width: This option enables the admin to specify the height and width of the image that will be displayed in the front-end of the form. This allows for precise control over the dimensions of the image, ensuring it is displayed in the desired size for optimal visual presentation.

6. Image Alt Text

This option in Image field allows the admin to add an alternative text (alt text) for the image.