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Bit form - Multi-Line Text field

Multiline text field is similar to the Single Line field, but with a greater capacity. This field accepts multiple lines of plain text like paragraph text or description types.

⚙ General Settings#

1. Field Key#

The Field Key is unique for all fields. bf4-1 an example of field key. bf means bit form , 4 represent form id , 1 represent 1st field of the form . These keys are used in Success/Error Messages, Web Hooks, Redirect Page, Email Templates, Workflow & Integrations.

2. Field Label#

You can set a proper name of the field that is considered as a field label. This label name will appear on the front end of the form you will display. If you want you can hide the field label from the form .

3. Admin Label#

This field is used for Administration purposes. Admin can set a label to specify the label name on the responses page.

4. Required#

By enabling this option, you can make the field required for the user if you need it. Also you can set an Error message if you want the field required. Also you can set message as your requirements.

5. Placeholder#

A Placeholder is a property by which user can understand the usage of the field. Any text entered on the placeholder will be displayed on the fields. When the user starts writing on the field, the placeholder text will disappear.

6. Pattern#

You can set the pattern of the input of the field & also can set a custom regex pattern on the flag option.

7. Unique Entry Validation#

You can validate whether the entry is unique or not by turning on this option.